A Lifetime in Motorsport





My Way



The French


Racing Small Saloons


The Serious Side

The Changing Years

The Chimp

Makes You Think

Memories That Stick

Rollover Bars











Originally this was to be a a large bound volume but the someone suggested that I should try putting it on the web instead as I do my weekly and monthly newsletters for the Motor Cycling  Club.  That seemed much more chummy idea and would rid me of having to get it printed and bound. It also means that I can add or alter chapters as I think fit meaning that you, the reader, can keep returning to see what’s been added or amended. 

So the present format has evolved. There’s none of the chronological order, avoiding that awful “what I did next” sort of saga which I think is so boring but each subject is being dealt with separately so I can add chapters, windows, pages, - call them what you will – as I go along.  It also means that you, the reader, can add your own comments to my story and perhaps at some time hence we will incorporate a section for readers’ comments. 

Forgive me if some duplication and errors creep in but this is nearly inevitable with sort of format. I will do my best but please bear with me. Forgive me too for perhaps explaining things in too great a depth but racing was so different 50 years ago that much that was the commonplace is difficult for modern minds. 

In lots of areas I have allowed personal opinions to creep in but I contend that’s what life is about; if you don’t agree with something I say send me an e-mail saying so and your reasons, but please remember that much of what I am writing about was half a century ago and motor sport, beliefs and the world in general was very different from today.